A Word About Travel – Sarah Day

Sarah Day

Why Should You Book with a Travel Agent?

In an age where we are flooded with information and have everything at our fingertips thanks to the internet, people often wonder, is there still a need for a travel agent? The answer is yes; now more than ever, travel agents can help you sift through the endless information that the internet can provide to create a holiday that is tailored to your needs and wants. At the end of the day, travel agents are experts in their field. We do after all, spend every day researching the best deals and hottest destinations.

Travel agents love what they do and love creating lasting memories for their clients. They take out the stress, the countless hours sorting through endless options and if unforeseen circumstance arises on your trip, they have it covered for you. If you have ever questioned in the past whether you needed to book with a travel agent, read below and you really won’t know why you ever spent so much time doing it on your own!

Personal Service

·       Friendly, personal and professional service

·       Personalised travel itinerary worked around your budget, interests and needs

·       One on one service at a time and place convenient to your busy lifestyle

Local Knowledge

·       First-hand knowledge of many destinations around the world

·       Inside knowledge on off the beaten track places and hidden restaurants only the locals know about

·       Authentic tips to help create memories which will last a lifetime


·       Established relationships with suppliers and wholesalers with the best deals

·       Access to a range of discounts often never publicised

·       Agency buying power

Constant Support

·       Always on hand being only a phone call away 24/7

·       Highly trained and dedicated support team

·       If you book yourself – you really are on your own


·       Member of ATAS a national accreditation scheme – endorsing travel agents who meet strict financial and customer service criteria

·       Zero Flight Risk – guaranteed reimbursement if any approved travel intermediary or end supplier becomes insolvent


So, next time your contemplating whether to book your travel through a travel agent, don’t consider yourself old fashioned for going the traditional way, simply remember that you are using the best knowledge and expertise you can. You will get 24/7 support, someone that works around your schedule and a tailor-made holiday that is designed personally for you. Even if you’re not planning a detailed or complicated trip - it’s worth considering professional service to get the best value for you.  Don’t travel like a tourist, travel like a local and you will find you get an authentic holiday that brings great reward and satisfaction.



Our Savvy Birds Professional Travel Advisor, Sarah Day of MTA Mobile Travel Agents, has over 25 years’ personal experience planning unique itineraries. Contact her today on 0417697941 or for your most rewarding holiday yet!