Savvy Birds - About Us

The New England and North West’s newest regional women’s network, has finally landed in Tamworth! Savvy Birds is a unique platform that has been developed to create a fun, supportive and engaging space for women. We will aim to offer the same educational and social opportunities afforded to metropolitan women by hosting keynote speaker feature and networking events, right here in your region.

We will ensure the personal and professional growth and development of women through sharing, nurturing and supporting our members. Whether you’re a friend, employee, business owner, mother, daughter, stay at home mum or entrepreneur, you will have something to contribute, and so much to gain. Savvy Birds will provide you with a link for experiences to inspire, nurture and motivate you to be the best person you can be.

Michelle Morgan and Dimity Smith are professional women whose relationship is based on professional achievement as allied health professionals, and two friends who align with the same motivation to become the best they can be – personally and professionally.

Like most great ideas, The Savvy Birds concept was born from a work road-trip conversation around the commitment to taking action to create a platform, to improve access for development opportunities and to offer this to all kinds of regional women.

As a Savvy Bird, you will meet, connect and collaborate with amazing women, listen to those who inspire, and have a great deal of fun and laughs along the way. We would be thrilled for you to come on this amazing journey and hope that you’re ready to soar with us!